Obesity and Depression in Children

Children who are obese often suffer from chronic illness such as depression and self-esteem related issues. It has been observed that children suffering from obesity tends to suffer from depression more than normal children and adults do. Childhood obesity leads to many psychological consequences which later results in depression.

Obesity and Depression – A Vicious Circle:-

  • Obesity and depression go both hand in hand. It is possible for a child to get depressed, if he/she is obese. Both, depression and obesity are deliberating health problems. It has affected many children in few years.
  • The rate of children becoming depressed because they are obese is becoming high. Though, it has not yet established that the main cause for depression is obesity, yet sole factor of causing depression is obesity. The link between children’s obesity and depression needs careful attention in order to eradicate it quickly.
  • Obesity can be very traumatic for the children. Children lose self -esteem and develops poor self-image of them. Sometimes, children tends to withdrew themselves from socializing with their peers. Even their capability of thinking creatively is also hampered.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression:-

  • When children are obese, they tend to sit alone at home.
  • They don’t prefer going out and playing with other children.
  • They watch TV a lot. They sleep a lot. Maximum amount of the time they spend at home.
  • Do not engage themselves in physical activity.They start sitting aloof.
  • All these symptoms are very alarming. If you have observed these signs in your children, you have to take immediate measures and correct them. Regardless of the causes, obesity is the main cause of depression.

Obesity and Depression, both should not be taken for granted as both are inseparable. Parents should encourage their children to join health related programs. It is the right of the child, to live quality life and this right should not be deprived.

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