How to Fight with Early Childhood Obesity?

You need to fight, if you really want your child to be healthy and happy. Parents become worried about what to feed to their child. They have the fear that their child is becoming obese or overweight. It usually happens that parents are not able to see anything wrong with their child. The ideal weight of a child depends on his/her height. Make sure to consult to a doctor, if you find your child to be overweight.

Tips of Obesity Prevention in Children:-

  • There is no time left for parents in upbringing their children. Children nowadays play Play-station or computer games. They are not at all active. They do not do any physical activity. They do not play and run around with the children of their own age. Parents need to keep in mind that their child should get fresh air and do regular exercise.
  • You can spend time with your child. Play outdoor games with your child.
  • Make sure that your child do not watch TV while eating food.
  • Give your child healthy food.
  • Make sure that your child drinks lot of fresh and clean water.
  • See that your child do not eat a lot of chocolates,chips and sodas.

Things to Remeber:-

  • Being a parent, you can do a lot for your child. The first thing that you must do, in order to eradicate obesity is to give healthy food to your child. Healthy food means that he should intake more of fruits,grains,green leafy vegetables and liquids.
  • Allow your child to prepare his/her own meal. It will encourage him/her eating habits. Prepare a healthy breakfast for your child before sending him to school.
  • Play with your child. Indulge your child in physical activities. Play football with him. Play basketball and dance around your home with him. You can play with your child for one hour.
  • Do not tell your child that he/she is fat. It is not their fault. You can make your child eat food with other family members. Prepare healthy meals for the whole family. Managing early childhood obesity is difficult but not impossible. You need to know how to help your child. Do not wait for anything. You can also seek professional help if you find that your child is severely obese.

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