Feline Obesity – Is your Cat too Fat?

Feline Obesity creates serious health problems including diabetes,heart disease and lameness. Carrying extra weight can lead to pain and disability and sometimes early death. Nearly half of the felines in United States are considered to be obese.

If your feline is obese then, he is likely to suffer from diabetes. The treatment for feline obesity is very expensive and requires time and energy. It is much easier to prevent the disease rather than treating it.

Problems of Feline Obesity:-

  • Your cat will experience skin problems. Due to poor health, they are likely to suffer from dry skin.
  • Nasty sores on the bottom is likely to develop which can be extremely painful for your cat.
  • Your obese feline is likely to suffer from joint problems and arthritis.

Benefits of Exercising :-

  • Regular exercise is very helpful for your feline to keep his joints flexible.
  • It will help your feline in toning the muscles
  • It will help him in breathing properly
  • Keeps the circulatory system healthy.
  • Releases energy.
  • Helps in proper digestion

Diet for Feline:-

  • As a regular component of diet,your cat needs flesh.
  • Do not feed too much of food at a time.Feed small amounts of food for 3 to 4 times a day.
  • Avoid giving food rich in fats such as meat and fishes.
  • Free choice food should also be avoided as it contains sugar and other carbohydrates.

Obese Feline = Unhealthy Feline

  • You can find, if your cat is obese or not, by touching his ribs with your bare fingers.If you can count the ribs, it means that your cat is obese.
  • If you really care for your feline, then buy small, bouncy and colorful toys. Your pet should play with those toys so that it can burn off the calories.The more your cat plays, the more weight it will shed the weight.

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