Is Dried Fruits healthy for Weight Loss?

For those who are on a weight loss plan, dried fruits act as a alternative snack or dessert for them. Dried fruits contains good amount of fiber and vitamins. Apart from this, they are very tasty. When you are craving for sweet food, dried fruit is one of the best options.

Fruits are dried so that it remains for last long. It can be given some texture and add flavors to it. The dried fruits are high in calories than fresh fruits because the water is removed from the dried fruits. However, dried fruits contains the same amount of nutrients as fresh fruits do.

Dried Fruits and Weight Loss:-

  • Dried fruits contains fiber and natural sugar in it which has a very limited effect on our diet.
  • Stop the cravings for sugary food when you are on weight loss plan.
  • Remember that, consuming dried fruits will not fill up our stomach as much as fresh fruit does. If you want to feel satisfied, chose the best fruit.
  • If you are not careful, even the dried fruit can lead to weight gain.
    You can consume one whole apricot instead of consuming an apple. It both contains 100 calories.

Will Dried Fruits Impede Weight Loss?

  • Dried fruit contains rich nutrients in it which help in maintaining healthy diet.
  • When you feel hungry, eat nuts, seeds and some dried fruit. It will keep you away from hunger.
  • You can also have salad and oatmeal.
  • Consumption of a dried fruit is much better than candy. If you want to have something sweet, eat dried fruits.
  • Have well balanced and healthy diet.

Benefits of Dried Fruits:-

  • It is a fruit with all the water removed and sugar retained.
  • The drying process makes the dried fruit more nutritious.
  • Dried fruits such as dried blueberries and cranberries contains antioxidant power than compared to fresh fruits.
  • Dried fruits helps in protecting our gum diseases and cavities.
  • Accessible to every super market and are reasonable.

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