How to Prevent Weight Gain due to Stress?

Many people gain weight due to stress and anxiety. There is a stress hormone known as Cortisol which contributes to weight gain by increasing blood pressure, slowing down the metabolism, increasing blood sugar and reducing immune system. People experiencing stress are more prone to emotional eating which results in obesity. There are some ways in which one can prevent themselves from weight gain due to stress.

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain due to Stress:-

  • Recognize the warning signs of stress which includes anxiety, pain in the body, feeling of nausea and migraines. Talk to your doctor and seek medication. If you feel that your stress is not severe, there are other ways to deal with your stress such as relaxation technique, practice yoga and meditation. Spend time with those people who make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Spend more time in exercising. Doing physical activities will help you to burn calories and prevents you from gaining weight.
  • Cook and eat food which is healthy. Do not starve. Generally, when we are stressed, we get more prone to eat food from outside which is high calorie junk food. Even consumption of alcohol leads to stress and anxiety due to empty calories found in alcohol. Eat meals that you enjoying eating and prepare it at home. Preparing food by yourself will be psychologically rewarding and relaxing. Cooking food at home will help you not to gain weight. Do not skip meals and especially breakfast.
  • Take rest and sleep adequately. Your brain needs time to recharge. People experiencing stress and anxiety needs more sleep so that their brain get time to relax. People who are not able to get sleep easily are more likely to be overweight. This happens because the hormones namely ghrelin and leptin get disrupted by the lack of sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, refer to your doctor. Sleep well so that you feel more energetic, alert and happy.

How Stress and Weight Gain are Connected?

  • Due to stress, the cortisol increases which makes you crave for unhealthy food. Thus resulting in overeating.
  • Now days people are too busy. Due to which they get stressed and opt for eating fast food which results in obesity.
  • Like said earlier, people have become very busy now days and they hardly get time to exercise. They live a sedentary lifestyle. Thus resulting in overweight.

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