Treadmill Workouts For Weight loss

Obesity is caused due to wrong eating habits and improper lifestyles. Fitness mantra is opted by many people in order to avoid health complications. Due to busy schedule, it becomes very difficult to spare some time for local gym. Treadmill is the most popular home gym equipment.

Treadmill is the best substitute for walking exercise, if you wish to burn maximum calories to achieve the desired weight loss. Its effects are equivalent to that of running outdoors. Variety in exercises helps in keeping up the motivation and interest alive. Speed and intensity can be changed during treadmill workouts.

Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss:-

  • At an easy pace, do 5 to10 minutes of warm up with little cardio.
  • Inclination should be at zero.
  • While doing walking or jogging, speed should be at comfortable level.
  • Let the perceived exertion be at 5
  • Reduce the inclination by 1% every 15 seconds for next one minute.
  • Raise inclination by 1% every 15 seconds for one minute.
  • Let perceived exertion be at 5-6
  • Walk or jog at a steady place, for next three minutes.
  • You can do this exercise for 30 minutes.
  • Stretch your body for 5 minutes.

Things to Remember:-

  • Before starting treadmill exercise, do not start without doing warm-up.
  • Do not raise intensity level fast.
  • Do not walk on treadmill at the same speed for 20 minutes.
  • If a person weighs 140 lb can lose 320 lb during this workout.

Beginner Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss:-

  • Change settings while using the treadmill such as you can change the speed, ramps, resistance and inclination.
  • “20 minutes beginners treadmill workout” is also known as interval working out.
  • At an easy pace, do 5 minutes of warm up.
  • Increase the intensity of work out during each work set. Do not work hard that you start feeling dizzy or lightheaded. Work out of your comfort zone.
  • Keep in mind to moderate the pace so that you can recover before the next work set.
  • Adjust setting according to your fitness level.
  • Consult your physician if you are having any health problems before beginning treadmill workouts.
  • If treadmill exercises are accompanied by weight loss diet, one can reduce weight quickly.

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