Health Effects of Obesity

People who are obese are more likely to get health problems. A person is said to be overweight when he/she is having body mass index ranging around 30. If considerable changes in lifestyle are made then the effects of obesity can be overcome. However weight gain and obesity are common problems which are leading to number of health problems.

Health Effects of Obesity are as follows:-


High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is considered to be hypertension when the blood pressure is 140/90 or greater. People who are having high blood pressure are mostly obese. The increased pressure results in hypertension. Also sometimes leading to obesity. Obesity is also responsible for heart disorders which effects the health tremendously.


When solid masses of cholesterol get accumulated they develop gallbladder. In this situation, the cholesterol level is high, thus resulting in difficulty for the body to maintain solubility. Thus, these complications lead to obesity problems which later on affect our health.


People experiencing problems with their bone joints are likely to suffer from osteoarthritis. Due to obesity, the cartilage tissue gets damaged causing pain and swelling in the joints. The pain in the joints such as hand, knee and hip does not allow us to perform normal movements such as climbing steps. Thus, affecting our health badly.


The increased level of uric acid or sodium urate in the blood is caused due to gout. It is very difficult for the body to maintain solubility if sodium urate or uric acid has increased. This problem results in forming crystals in the body. It can affect any person at any age.


The body is unable to convert sugar, starch and other food energy resulting in diabetes. Due to obesity, a person is likely to suffer from diabetes. One should control this disorder in order to avoid other health complications such as kidney failure.


Obesity is the main cause of colon cancer, breast cancer and cancer of kidney.


-Blood clotting in the brain results in stroke. The level of the cholesterol becomes high and its deposits are formed in the heart. They then travel to brain causing stroke. Stroke can cause disorders such as paralysis, weakness and unconsciousness.

Thus, obesity can cause number of health problems. One can overcome this by joining weight loss programs and weight loss treatment. It is very necessary to have fit and healthy lifestyle in order to avoid dreadful disorders.

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