How to Combine Foods for Weight Loss

Most of people who are obese are not aware that the best way to lose weight is to eat food with right combinations and not by hitting on gym. Doing exercise and workouts helps in weight loss but it requires large amount of hard work and dedication. One must have healthy food and in right combination in order to achieve proper metabolism and digestion. Thus resulting in weight loss. This article focuses on ways of eating food to lose weight.

Top 5 Ways to Combine Food to Lose Weight

  • One must avoid eating proteins and starch together in order to lose weight. Starch requires alkaline base for digestion whereas protein requires an acid base. Thus consumption of both these things together can result in improper digestion.
  • If you are combining food to lose weight, you can eat a fruit with other fruits except for watermelon should be eaten with other fruits. Water melon gets digested quickly whereas other fruits remains in the stomach. If you want, you can eat handful of nuts with other sweet fruits.
  • Avoid eating acidic fruits with sweet fruits at the same time. Sweet fruits include raisins, dates and banana and acid fruits include pineapples, apples and grapes.
  • In order to slow the digestion, eat a moderate amount of food that is rich in fats and oil. You can combined them while having other foods except fruits.
  • After eating fruit, if you feel like eating something else, wait for two hours. One must maintain a gap of three hours after eating food rich in starch and a gap of four hours after eating proteins.

Following Combination of Foods for Weight Loss will help you in

  • Burning the fats of your body efficiently.
  • Absorption of proteins, enzymes and nutrients to maximum.
  • Indigestion, gas, bloating and burping can be prevented.

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