Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises for Men

Almost for every man, huge mental stress and physical exertion have become inseparable part of their life. In this competitive world, late night work, addiction of alcohol, smoking and eating unhealthy food has made the life of the men physically and emotionally disturbed. In such circumstances men either become weak or they become too fat. This article will provide top 5 exercises which will help men to burn fat around their body.

3 Steps in which Men Lose Weight


  • Perform regular activities. Men have capabilities to burn calories.
  • Engage yourself in regular cardio program. It will help you to burn large amount of calories in short period.
  • Cardio is an physical activity. You should do cardio exercises for about 20 to 60 minutes regularly.
  • Cardio is a continuous activity. Be consistent. Consistency is the key for Cardio.
  • Do those activities which you like doing. It can be swimming, playing basketball, walking,running and much more.

Strength Building Program

  • Go for strength training program. You can go for this program weekly.
  • It will generate high level of fat burning. You will find that your body will continue to burn fats and calories after complete workouts.
  • After the workout, the muscle fibre breaks down and it get rebuild. Thus, the muscle requires energy to break down.
  • Your muscle needs rest at least for 24 hours, so do not go for strength building program on consecutive days.
  • You can perform this program for two to three days per week. Bench press, crunches,push-ups and squats are some of the examples of strength training program.


  • Make a schedule for your workout. Three to four days per week, you must do cardio on low side and every day on the high side.
  • Your capabilities will decide the time you should spend for your daily workouts.
  • You can increase the time of your workout according to your fitness ability.

Top 5 Fat Burning Exercises for Men

Running and Jogging

Running and jogging both are the best forms of exercise. They are very effective as they help in burning calories. You need to have a good pair of sports shoes and jogging outfit in order to start with this exercise. This exercise will help you to burn a lot of calories. Initially, start with a short distance and then gradually increase the distance with time. Measure your daily distance covered and calories burned.

Exercise Bike

If you do not have time for jogging and running, you can opt for exercise bike. Exercising bike will help you to burn fat easily in a proper manner. But you need to take advice from a qualified trainer. Exercise bike is the same as running and jogging. Start with low intensity so that your body gets use to it. You can opt for higher intensity once you stimulate fat loss.

Stair Climbing

You can perform this exercise either on stair climbing machine or on actual stairs. Stair climbing machine will be a good option as it is multitasking. One can also use elliptical machine in order to burn fat. An elliptical machine can burn 300 calories in half an hour. Thus, stair climbing is the effective fat burning exercise for men.

Weight Lifting

This is one of the oldest and most popular exercise. It can work wonders if you do it properly. You need to target all the muscles and do it with the right technique in order to burn fat. However, weight lifting will not burn much calories but you will find that your muscles will get developed which itself will motivate you to exercise. Along with weight lifting, do cardiovascular and aerobic exercises for better results.


Swimming is the best exercise for burning fats. If you have started swimming, try swimming a little more. Swimming is an overall exercise for the body.

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