Fast Food and Obesity in Children

Fast Food and Obesity
It has been observed that fast food causes obesity in children. Fast food are rich in sugar, salts, fats and starch which results in making the children obese. There is a common assumption by many people that children lead a very active lifestyle and they can easily digest food. However, this assumption is not always correct because sometimes children tend to develop fat after consumption of fast food. Hence, there is a link between fast food and obesity in children.

Fast Food and Obesity in Children – What can be done?

  • The main reason why children are more prone to illness and health diseases is fast food which causes obesity.
  • Children who are obese get easily tired as compared to normal children. They love to stay at home and do not perform any physical activities.
  • Childhood obesity also creates inferiority complex in children.
  • Being a parent, you need to explain your child the harmful effects of fast food in the long run.
  • Almost all the fast food recipes you, makes it healthy by adding healthy toppings such as onion, green pepper and less amount of cheese.
  • While cooking meat and chicken, cook it in a healthy way. Boiling, grilling and roasting are some of the ways of cooking.
  • Include salads and green leafy vegetable in your child’s diet.
  • Encourage your child to participate in sports and other activities.

Effects of Fast Food and Obesity in Children


– Fast food with high sugar content leads to diabetes in children. Diabetes at an early age is very harmful for a child.


Saturated fats are very harmful for a child’s health. Large consumption of fast food increases cholesterol levels and many other health problems.


Large amount of salt intake result in high blood pressure.

Other Effects:-

Large consumption of fast foods also leads to other illness such as loss of appetite, fatigue, tiredness, anemia and constipation.

However, fast food are very much high in starch which raises the food cravings. As a result, children tends to eat more and more resulting in obesity. Maintaining healthy and balanced diet in children is the best way to overcome obesity.

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