Ear Stapling for Losing Weight

Ear stapling is a weight loss technique that does not involve any diet. So, if you want to lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods, read more to learn about this technique.

Ear Stapling for Losing Weight

This is akin to ear piercing, but it is not permanent. It may also cause more pain. A small stainless steel piece is stapled to the inner cartilage in each ear. It is not removed for some months. These pieces stimulate the acupuncture points inside the ear, that control one’s appetite. Ear stapling is akin to auricular acupuncture. The only difference is the pieces are kept stapled inside the ears for a few months, to control appetite.

How does Ear Stapling Work

Ear stapling releases endorphins which suppress food cravings and enhance relaxation. It informs the brain that the individual has a full stomach, thereby curbing his/her thirst and appetite. Ear stapling also relieves tension and stress, which can make some people overeat. Sometimes, ear stapling works too well and the individual doesn’t feel hungry at any time. So he/she has to remove it. In others, ear stapling gradually suppresses their food cravings and appetite.

The Cost of Ear Stapling

It costs $55 to staple one ear and $70 to staple both ears. Professionals recommend stapling both ears as it betters the chances of the procedure working effectively. Besides, stapling both ears also balances your equilibrium.

Does Ear Stapling Really Work?

There is no scientific research that certifies ear stapling can help one lose weight. However, ear stapling professionals proclaim that the procedure has been successful for 90% of the patients.

Risks of Ear Stapling

There is a high risk of infection, if ear stapling is done by untrained practitioners or in unclean conditions. Puncturing an ear cartilage can also lead to disfigurement, as it might not heal adequately, if there is an injury. One should take care to keep the staples dry and clean. Touching the staples with one’s fingers is forbidden.

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