Help Your Kid Fight Obesity

Prevention and treatment of childhood obesity starts at home. Read on to learn how you can change unhealthy behavior and design a healthy environment for your family.

Childhood obesity occurs because the child may be eating too much and not doing enough physical activity. Therefore, families should start eating healthy foods and increase physical activity. It might be a tough task for children to go it alone. Therefore, it is advisable that the entire family adopt healthier habits for treating and preventing childhood obesity.

Change Family Behavior

Adopt the following useful hints to enable your family to make small but effective changes in lifestyle.

Start Small

Do the changes gradually for a lasting effect. Start by switching off the television while eating meals. Move from soda to water or skim milk. Ensure the entire family goes for a walk after dinner.

Set Goals

Set a small, realistic goal for each member of the family. Your child’s goal may be to consume fruit as an afternoon snack. Your goal could be to take brisk walks a few times during the week. The family goal could be to reduce fast-food consumption to once each month.

Recognize Triggers

Recognize situations that could make you revert to old habits. For example, you may be used to eating a large amount of popcorn at the cinema. So next time you plan on going to see a movie share popcorn with your family, instead of buying separate cartons for each member. You can also order a smaller size or eat a healthy snack before you go and ignore the snack stand all together.

Celebrate Success

Rewards can increase motivation. So, if your child meets his agreed goal, offer specific attention and praise. If a family goal is met successfully celebrate it by going to the pool, a picnic or a movie.

Keep It Positive

Keep the focus on adopting an overall healthy lifestyle. Disregard your child’s looks and weight. Dealing with childhood obesity shouldn’t be a race. Dedication and time are required to convert to a healthy lifestyle and to abort established unhealthy behavior.

Be Flexible

It will take some time to change to new healthy habits. But, if the goals are not working, do not be shy to make adjustments. Do not stick to a plan that is clearly not suitable or not working. Improvise and design a new plan, which might be more suitable for your family.



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