Weight Loss Workouts for Kids

Statistics show that about one-third of children in the U.S. are overweight. Therefore, childhood obesity is a major roadway toward diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more. Keeping children active most days of the week will help fight the rise in obesity and to control future adult obesity rates.

Weight Loss Workouts for Kids

Some kids spend most of their time surfing the Net, watching TV or playing video games. They seldom take part in outdoor activities. Moreover, they have increased their amount of non-nutritious snacking. As a result, their weight rises quicker than their height, leading to physical and emotional issues. Obesity causes psychological scars as overweight kids become shy to socialize due to their low self-image.

Effective Weight loss Exercises

Some simple but effective exercises for losing weight are detailed below:

  • Regular activities such as skipping, jogging, running and walking can be made more fun by doing them in the park or at the beach. Ensure these activities are part of your kid’s daily regimen.
  • Give leeway to your child to develop his own dance or exercise routine. Then, ask the whole family to participate in it. Such bonding can increase motivation, and also improve the overall health of the entire family.
  • You can even convert TV watching into an interesting exercise routine. Organize treasure hunts during commercial breaks increasingmovement all over the house, up stairs and even to the backyard. This will help weight loss even while doing a sedentary activity such as watching TV.
  • Buy a mini trampoline and install it in the backyard. This is a fun way to burn calories.
  • In addition to basketball and baseball, you can include games such as ball catching, Frisbee and rope jumping to the list of sports activities. These simple games can be played anywhere.
  • If your child is not into sports and games, martial arts, aerobic exercises or dancingcan be used to stimulate activity in their lives.

Children who exercise feel better, have an increased self-image, have more energy, lower their risks for future health complications and are seen to have better grades. Learn what your children enjoy and encourage them to partake in these activities in a way that will increase activity. Most of all be a positive role model and get active in what they enjoy.



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