Over-Eating Identified as Main Cause for Childhood Obesity

A new research study put the blame on food and not on lack of exercise for the crisis of childhood obesity. There has been a long debate concerning whether a poor diet or lack of physical activity leads to childhood obesity.

Now, according to a new report, children tend to exercise less as they become overweight. As per the new findings, over-feeding and junk food are the causes for obesity in children, rather than factors like children playing video games and watching TV for long durations. These findings will definitely affect government policy which focuses on educating children on healthy eating as well as on increasing exercise levels for children.

Terence Wilkin, Professor of metabolism and endocrinology, says that these findings will have a big impact on obesity prevention strategies. The research data clearly identifies poor nutrition as the main cause for childhood obesity. It is clear that more exercise does not result in weight loss , unless a diet change is also implemented.

According to Wilkin, strong links were present between fathers and sons and mothers and daughters. If the parents are obese, then their children are 10 times more likely to become obese by 5 years of age. This finding clearly indicates that early eating patterns contribute to the development of childhood obesity.

According to a study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood,overweight and obese children tend to be embarrassed by their weight, leading to reluctance when it comes to sports and other physical activities.






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