Diabetics Obesity Surgery: Is Stomach Stapling an Option?

Have you ever thought of stomach stapling as an option? For diabetes patients and people who have excessive abdominal fat, stomach stapling might help. It has been noted by doctors for years that overweight or obese individuals who opt for bariatric surgery like stomach stapling often undergo a reversal in their diabetes. Most of them revert back to normal blood sugar levels and no longer need to depend on medication.

Could Overweight Diabetes Patients Also Benefit?

According to the American Diabetes Association, around 24 million Americans suffer from diabetes.  Stomach stapling may help, but there are certain restrictions due to the cost and side effects associate with this surgery. According to the federal guidelines, the patient must have abody mass index (BMI) over 40 to opt for this surgical procedure. Patients who have a BMI over 35 are eligible if they weight-related condition such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Small-scale studies have hinted that gastric banding and stomach stapling may treat diabetes in individuals who are not overweight or obese

How does it Work?

Doctors are not certain why this procedure works for people with diabetes. When the body can’t regulate and maintain blood sugar, diabetes strikes. A few researchers wonder if the rerouting of the digestive tract that occurs after stomach stapling affects the hormones in the gut. These hormones regulate the blood sugar levels. According to theAmerican Diabetes Association, there is not yet enough evidence to recommend surgery for diabetes patients with a BMI less than 35.





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