How to Help Your Overweight Kids Get Fit

The problem of obesity is being faced by more and more children nowadays. The suggested treatment is education in nutrition and exercise. Other options for treating obesity include drugs to control weight and gastric bypass surgery. Like adults, many children have difficultly losing weight. Therefore, obese children become obese adults. Read on to know more about how to help your overweight kids get fit.

Primary Objective

Excessive weight loss should not be the primary objective. Instead, the focus should be placed on preventing further weight gain. With time, as the child grows in height, there will be a change in their weight distribution. This can be done by lowering the number of calories consumed. It is imperative to help overweight children to lose weight in order to prevent obesity. Children are more likely to become overweight if their parents are overweight or obese. Lack of physical activity and bad eating habits are the initial signs of a child’s behavioral tendency to gain weight.

Simple Tips

  • Reduce the number of calories consumed from beverages. Cut down on carbonated drinks and concentrated fruit juices.
  • Do not consumed fast food on a regular basis.
  • Watch the portion size of your child’s meals.
  • Daily physical exercise or activity is a must essential. This can include team’s sports, cycling, walking and playing tag.
  • Reduce the amount of computer and T.V. time.  Do not allow food during these activities.






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