How to Help Your Child Lose Weight

The severe condition of childhood obesity is affecting many individuals across the world. The rate of obesity among children below 18 years is extremely high in some countries, and sometimes even exceeds the number of adult obesity cases. Also, doctors are diagnosing children with more and more diseases that were previously found only in adults; all of these conditions are related to poor physical condition. Read on to learn how to help your child lose weight.

A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical exercise are all factors that contribute tochildhood obesity. Also, eating fast food is a common yet unhealthy trend among youngsters today. There is a need for careful supervision of children regarding their eating habits and activity level. Here are some useful tips that can help your child to lose weight.

Consider Portion Size

This is the most important aspect. You should try to provide healthy and nutritious food to your children, to create a balanced diet. The key to preventing obesity is to serve appropriate portions of meals to your child. They should be neither too small nor too large. You should help your child form good eating habits to stay healthy.

Encourage Physical Exercise

Even at a very young age, sports can be successfully practiced. You don’t have to rush your child to become a high performance athlete, but you can discuss the importance of exercise for staying fit and healthy. You can ask them to indulge in games which include running and walking. Sports competitions and team games can lead to great improvement in his/her physical performance.

Support and Impart Positive Motivation

When it comes to sports, children are often reluctant. In such cases, you can support them and impart a positive attitude. You can try to make these physical exercises more entertaining and pleasant.






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