Does Posting Calories on Fast Food Menus Help Kids?

Does it help if calorie information is posted on the fast food menus to make individuals eat healthier? A few of the fast food restaurants have denied the idea proclaiming that there is no evidence about its effectiveness. But on the contrary, a Seattle researcher has now discovered a link between the two.

According to a new research, number of calories were reduced by nearly 102 calories in a child’s meal when the calories per item was displayed on the McDonald’s menu chart. This established a link between the

significant reduction in the calories intake when menus were labeled “calories per item”


The research findings were compiled by

Dr. Pooja Tandon, Seattle Children’s Research Institute

. Supporters feel that these findings will help the parents to make a better and smarter choice for their kid’s meal options.

About the Study

This new study was published on-line on the website, inPediatrics. Around

99 parents

who have

3-6 year olds

were surveyed for this study. They were asked about dining habits in fast food chains. Half of the parents were given the normal and regular McDonald’s food menus showing the current prices whereas the other half were given food menus which displayed calorie count for each items such as desserts, beverages, side items, dressings, salads, sandwiches and burgers.

Those parents who were given the calorie count chart smartly chose nearly 102 fewer calories for their child’s meal compared to those parents who were not given the calorie count chart. Around 20% reduction is seen in the amount of calories.

Findings of the Study

If modest adjustments on calories are made everyday, one can avert weight gain. They can reach a better health level over a period of time. As per Dr. Tandon, along with America’s obsession with fast food consumption, there is a rise in childhood obesity epidemic in the U.S.

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