Weight Loss and Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are responsible for carrying out the process of digestion in the body. These enzymes are organic molecules in nature. They primarily consist of protein molecules. They are found in our body fluids. They aid in the process of digestion by breaking down the food molecules. Actually, the breaking down of food particles into smaller parts is started by these digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are secreted in the entire digestive tract and are produced in body parts such as small intestine, stomach, oral cavity and the mouth. Read on to know more about the link between weight loss and digestive enzymes.

How Digestive Enzymes Work?

The benefits of these enzymes is that they help in the proces of digestion by breaking down food particles into simpler forms such as fats are broken down into fatty acids. These simpler forms are better absorbed by the body as nutrients. Otherwise, these nutrients will be deposited in the body leading to obesity eventually.

Digestive Enzymes Useful in Weight Loss


This enzyme helps in weight loss. It breaks down the carbohydrate present in the food into simpler forms. Also, it breaks down those carbohydrates which are stored in the body. This simpler carbohydrate form is then used as the source of energy.


This is the most important digestive enzyme when it comes to weight loss. It breaks down the fats which are present in the food as well as those fats that are stored in the body. This aids in fat loss by dissolving and simplifying fat present in the blood.


This aids in breaking down protein molecules. Also, it aids in eliminating those complex protein compounds that are not needed by the body.

If you desire to lose weight in the process of enhancing the concentration and balance of these digestive enzymes, it is imperative that you follow a strict diet plan. You may consult your physician to know about the side effcets associated with these digestive enzymes.

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