Natural Appetite Suppressant

for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the United Health Care Report published in 2010, obesity related expenditures will be up to 21% of the nation’s direct health care spending by the year 2018. The market for weight loss aids, diet pills and weight related health supplements is huge.

There are a variety of natural weight loss aids that are inexpensive and produce little to no negative side effects. Appetite suppressants work by tricking the brain or stomach into believing that the stomach is full. These suppressants bring about metabolic changes which send out signals of fullness to the brain.

Please be advised that appetite suppressants work when they are supplemented along with a regular exercise regime and a calorie controlled diet.


Hoodia supplements are obtained from a cactus known as Hoodia Gordoni. It works mainly as an appetite suppressant. It is believed to have an active molecule called P57 which is able to stimulate the body and increase energy levels. This causes the brain to perceive that the nutritional requirements of the body are met and that eating should be stopped. Hoodia also suppresses thirst which can cause dehydration. It is advised to drink lots of water while taking Hoodia supplements


Also known as ma-huang, the use of this herb has been documented in ancient Chinese culture. It is used to suppress appetite but has a reputation of having severe side effects and should be administered under supervision. Do not take ephedra pills without first consulting a physician.

Green tea

Green tea is an established natural aid in weight loss. It is not fermented and is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. It works by managing the sugar metabolism in the body and minimizing food cravings. Four cups of green tea in a day can help with appetite suppression, providing a feeling of fullness and lessened food cravings.


Dandelion is an excellent appetite suppressant. It helps with efficient sugar metabolism and controls the appetite. It helps raise the metabolic rate in the body and encourages weight loss.
Apart from the above mentioned herbs and plants, vegetables, fruits and whole grains which have a high fiber content increase the feeling of fullness after being eaten. They leave the body feeling full for longer which reduces the urge to snack in between meals. Drinking enough water is a key to lowering hunger pains. Many times, the body can mistake thirst for hunger.


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