Leveling Off in Childhood Obesity Rates

With the many warnings and cautionary messages about rising levels in the obesity rates in the U.S, a few recent studies have claimed that obesity rates may be finally leveling off. According to a new study, obesity rates in a few groups of Californian children are declining, at least in a few different racial and ethnic groups.

Read on to learn more about the leveling of childhood obesity rates among some groups in California.

About the Study

This study was published in the medical journal, “Pediatrics”.

The study examined the rates of body mass index in nearly 8.3 million school children in California from the years of 2001-2008. Scientists found that children attending California public schools were 38% overweight, 19.8 % obese and around 3.8% severely obese in the year 2008.

In the year 2005, however, there was a gradual decline in the obesity rates among Asian children (to 13%) and Caucasian children (to 12%). The obesity rates in American Indian and African-American boys varied. Rates leveled off for Latino children, coming to nearly 26%. Still, the obesity rates increased gradually to 23% among American Indian girls and 22% among African-American girls. This was followed from the year 2001 to 2008.

When compared to Caucasian girls, American Indian, Latina and African-American girls had nearly 2-3 times the chances of acquiring a high body mass index.

The Research Findings

The findings of the study now call for some concrete action for interventions and policies that are designed specifically for implementing in high-risk populations. Different school programs have revealed a significant improvement in the weight status among Latino and African-American youth.

More serious interventions are required to help those other obese children who are at maximum risk for several other weight-related complications.




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