Lose 15 Pounds Quickly

Around half the world’s population is overweight. It is a menace which can be regulated by weight loss. Several diet plans are available for losing weight effectively. Many people are becoming more fitness conscious. This boosts up their confidence levels. Read on to know how to lose 15 pounds quickly.

Overweight or obesity is a serious concern as it can cause major damage to the mental as well as the physical health of an individual. Millions worldwide are concerned about the safest and best way to lose those extra pounds as several reports about obesity are strikingly alarming. So, you can learn a few simple yet effective tips that will assist you to lose weight. So, get up and get going!

Quickest way to Lose 15 Pounds

Here are a few simple yet effective tips to lose those extra 15 pounds. These tips include:

When you are thinking about weight loss, there is no specific substitute for a well-balanced diet plan. Keep in mind to cut down on fat-rich foods such as fried foods, cheese, butter, desserts, ice cream and other junk foods.
Try to eat a well-balanced diet of fiber, carbohydrates and proteins. Fiber aids in proper digestion where as carbohydrates and proteins provide energy. Also, remember to include whole grains, green vegetables, lean meat, fish, legumes, beans, vegetables and fruits in your diet. You can follow the diet tips below to lose the 15 pounds and maintain an ideal body weight. These include:

  • Eat small portions of meals during the day. Your metabolic rate will not change and slow down. You should eat 5 meals per day – 3 main and 2 sub-meals.
  • Avoid skipping your breakfast at any cost.
  • Choose healthier options for your diet. This will help you to cut down on the calories intake. Also, it will help you to stay away from fried and processed foods.
  • Eat brown rice and whole-wheat bread instead of refined rice and white breads. These are rich in fiber which keeps you fuller for a longer time.
  • Consume egg whites and avoid eating whole eggs. It cuts down your calories by nearly 1/3rd.
  • Opt for healthier snack options like sprouts and toasted pine nuts. Avoid eating potato chips and cookies.
  • Eat fish like mackerel, tuna and salmon. Also, avoid eating red meat if possible. This cuts down the high cholesterol levels.
  • You should also consider cooking options like micro-waving, grilling, baking, and roasting to reduce the amount of calories. You can opt for an oil spray instead of regular oil to minimize the oil intake.

Regular Exercise
This type of weight loss plan requires workouts such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging, running, swimming or aerobic exercises for thirty minutes. You should follow this exercise routine 3-4 times in a week.

Drink Adequate Water
Water helps in losing weight effectively. This is because it aids in burning fats and increases the rate of metabolism. Therefore, you should drink around 8-10 glasses of water each day. But keep a check on how much water you are drinking as excess water can also cause side- effects.

Few Extra Measures
In order to reach the ideal weight and have a good figure, many women search for various drastic weight loss techniques. You should know that this is not a healthy way to lose weight. You endanger yourself to many health related complications and risks by starving yourself.

So, you should act smart and follow an exercise regimen to lose those extra pounds in a healthy and effective way.

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