Obesity Major Threat to Children’s Health

In the U.S., obesity is considered to be one of the major threats posed to children’s health. Many tend to believe the issue is worsening, as per a novel poll which revealed  that nearly 40% of adults have cited obesity as the largest health risk for teenagers and youngsters. This increases the chance of children engaging in other risk behavious such as stress, excess Internet use, smoking and drug abuse. According to Dr. Matthew M. Davis, the risk factors associated with obesity and the dominance of childhood obesity has become more prevalent in the American public in recent years. Read on to learn more about how obesity has become the major threat to children’s health.

Increase in Childhood Obesity

There has been an increase in the obesity rates in teens and children in the U.S. in the past 30 years. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control located in Atlanta, Gerogia, it was revealed that nearly 1 in 5 children from ages 6-11 were obese. Additionally, nearly 18.1% children from ages 12-19 were reportedly obese.

Perhaps the most surprising fact is the rise in the parent stress levels, which has become a health concern for many parents. This demonstrates a possible trickle-down effect, in which the economy starts wobbling, the parents simultaneously react to the stress, and their children feel and respond to the changes.

Effects of Economy

According to Dr. Davis, the changes in the current economy may also affect the children. Children can sense changes in factors such as gifts, patterns of behaviour, family activities, and food habits. The wobbling economy has impacted parents’ ability to provide some stability in such things, creating a resonating effect in the U.S.

The adults who participated in the survey came from various ethnic groups and races. In total, nearly 2,064 adults were surveyed by the polling company, Knowledge Networks, Inc..




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