Obesity may Lead to a Poor Quality of Sperms

Here is an additional motivation for young men to stay on the leaner and and more fit side of health. A novel report revealed that overweight and obese young men may have a poorer sperm quality when compared to their healthier and leaner peers. This new study was published in the medical journal “Fertility and Sterility.”

Read on to learn more about how obesity may lead to poor sperm quality in overweight or obese young men.

Research findings have revealed that overweight or obese men not only have lower sperm levels, but the sperm are also less mobile. Further, the sperm are usually unable to move in the right direction and instead seem to swim aimlessly. To be more precise, overweight or obese men in the age group of 20-30 may find it more difficult to become a father when compared to fitter, leaner men in the same age range.

About the Study

The team of researchers was led by Dr. Uwe Paasch from the University of Leipzig, Germany. They analyzed nearly 2,000 young men who consulted doctors in fertility clinics from 1999-2005 to test their sperm quality. At the time of the survey, none of the participants had any fertility related problems.

Overweight or obese individuals from this group of young men showed significantly lower sperm counts than their leaner, fitter counterparts. Although, this count range is large, spanning between 20 to 150 million sperm per millimeter of semen, it can still affect fertility.

Final Conclusion

According to the researchers, it is still unclear whether this difference in sperm quality can adversely affect overall fertility, although a few do tend to believe that it may be true.
Accordingly, further research is necessary.

Several other studies have indicated that the reason overweight or obese men have a poorer sperm quality is because of a resulting imbalance in hormone levels caused by the excess fat accumulation.




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