Childhood Obesity Declining

A new study conducted by the

National Institutes of Health

revealed that 1000 of 6th graders who participated in a health program were found to be less obese by 8th grade when compared to a group of children who didn’t participate. The study was reported by The New England Journal of Medicine. It was established that excessive weight and overall obesity rates dropped in both the groups. This suggests that there is a gradual decline in the childhood obesity. Read on to know more about

how childhood obesity is declining


About the Study

Researchers followed

nearly 4,500 students

. Half of the students were asked to take part in a health program which introduced healthier snack and cafeteria foods, physical education and taught healthy overall behavior. When the study started, 30% of the children from both the groups were obese.

But by the time they reached their 8th grade, the percentage of obese kids dropped to


in the group where the kids were participating in the health program. Also, the percentage of obese kids dropped to


in the control group (kids who didn’t participate in the health program).

Findings of the Study

According to Dr. Gary D. Foster, the study chairman, the result is a positive finding. This is a first finding in a study which followed the same large group of school children over a period of time. He also reportedly said that there is some factor which is leading children to become less obese or overweight. There is a need to find the factor and do more about it.

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