1 in 6 Children Clinically Obese Before Starting Primary School

A new study revealed that one in every six children are already obese or overweight before starting primary school in some parts of the U.S. On a nationwide statistical figure shows that there is a dangerous and continuous rise in childhood obesity, as one in ten children are being classified as obese by the time they turn 5. Also, by the time children start secondary school, one in five are being classified as obese. Read on to know more about the

alarming rise in childhood obesity in school children


Increase in Childhood Obesity


17% of children

are believed to be so overweight or obese that their health is at major risk. The condition of childhood obesity makes a child prone to diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancer in later life.

The first year of life is very critical which is backed by large literature and research. According to Tam Fry, National Obesity Forum, obese or overweight children are most probably going to remain fat even in their adulthood. Also, another main reason for childhood obesity is pregnant women who are overweight during the time of pregnancy. This risks their babies to obesity.

High Rates of Childhood Obesity in Lower Income Population

The rates of obesity are very high in low-income communities as one in every six children being already obese before they start going to primary school. Many studies have revealed a strong link between higher rates of childhood obesity and lower income. This is due to lack of awareness about healthy cooking and nutrition among the people.

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