Meat Consumption Linked to Obesity

A new study revealed that obese people who are interested to lose a few extra pounds may cut back on their meat consumption. This was reported in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June 30, 2010 issue. Vergnaud A.C., School of Public Health, Imperial College Long in U.K. led the study with other colleagues from 9 European countries. This study showed that consuming one steak per day or 250 grams of meat for a few year gradually increased the body weight by nearly 2 kilograms. Read on to know more about how consuming meat is linked to obesity.

About the Study

Researchers surveyed 103,455 men and 270,348 women who belonged to the age group of 25-70. The researchers followed these participants for five years. In the baseline of the study, the participants were observed for their dietary habits. Also, their respective height and weight were measured. At the follow-up of the study, the participants reported their respective height and weight.

Findings of the Study

Weight gain in men and women participants was positively associated with the total meat consumed by them during the time of study. This was regardless of their individual weight status and smoking habit.

The links were observed for processed meat, poultry and red meat. According to the researchers, meat is an high energetic food. This is more likely to cause obesity than other foods. So, the study advises that obese people should cut back on their meat consumption if they want to reduce their weight.

Hence, if you want to manage your weight in a healthy way and lose those extra few pounds, reduce the meat consumption.

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