Spray Away Obesity

In the United States, the figures surrounding obesity is becoming worse by the day. More than 50% of the population is overweight. In this situation, innovative aids which can help fight this vice are readily welcomed.

One particular pharmaceutical organization in Cambridge, Massachusetts claims to have found a way to tame the mind’s cravings in an attempt to control eating habits. The ‘’magic potion’’ comes in the form of a small spray bottle. Compellis Pharmaceuticals has been granted a patent for a nasal spray which can stall weight gain. It does so by blocking the sense of smell and taste. The Company intends to start human trials next year.

The company’s founder and chief, Christopher Adams explains the mechanism behind the product. He opines that the olfactory (related to the sense of smell) receptors are behind the sense of smell and taste. This is the prime trigger when it comes to dictating the brain to simply eat or overeat. If anyone has impaired olfactory receptors or reduced sense of smell or taste then the tendency to eat is less and can be combated.

The main component in the product is CP 404. It affects the smell and taste stimulators which is believed to reduce the urge of eating. It will be quite a few years before the product is available for public use. After the human trials, the product will have to be approved by the FDA before it can be sold or prescribed to the public. A year’s supply of the spray treatment would cost around $500 to $1000.

This particular product is one of the eminent ones among other such innovative aids. France based pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis has come forward with a plan to launch a weight loss pill by the name of Acomplia which mimics the effect of marijuana and can help switch off the receptors in the brain which induces hunger. Medtronic, Inc has developed a gastric pace maker that will transmit the sense of fullness from the stomach to the appetite center of the brain. Mayo Clinic in conjunction with the company Enteromedics, Inc is working on a device which uses electricity to shock the stomach muscles and reduce the contractions that are needed to digest food. The food stays in the stomach longer which may reduce the sense of hunger or appetite.


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