How to Lose Thigh Fat

The hormone estrogen in women is responsible in part for the storage of fat in the hips, buttocks and thighs. On reaching the menopause stage, the production of estrogen hormone in the body declines. Only then the excess fat from these regions relocate to the waists in women.

How to Lose Thigh Fat Naturally?

Fat in itself is required more by females than males, and is therefore statistically more present on the female body. The female body has the need for body fat due to its function of conceiving and delivering a baby. The location of the fat in the body may distort the body image of a female. There are certain foods and exercises which can help naturally reduce presence of body fat in women.


This food is ideal for breakfast as all the nutrients required by the body are present in it in exact proportions, since it is a whole grain. Whole grain foods are a healthy carbohydrate if consumed in portioned amounts and are recommended as part of a healthy diet. It is ideal to replace the usage of white or otherwise refined sugar, with honey or other natural sweetening products.


Yams are a healthy source of complex carbohydrates. The benefit of this form of carbohydrate is that the energy stored in it is released slowly into the body. This does not allow the glucose level to shoot up immediately. As energy is utilized as per the needs of the body, there is no requirement for the conversion of excess energy into fat for later use – a problem which is associated with simple carbohydrates such as cookies and many other baked products.


There are several dietary sources of protein which are low in fat content. For instance, selecting fish or poultry such as chicken or turkey, can reduce the fat intake of the diet significantly. Furthermore, choosing vegetarian sources of protein on a regular basis such as grains and legumes, can take down the fat content while bringing up the amount of fiber being ingested.

Physical Activity

Jogging, cycling, stretching exercises and yoga go a long way in toning the thighs muscles by reducing the excess fat in this region. Exercise is not intended to remove fat from the body in any specific location. Fat reduction happens gradually and all over the body at a fairly slow pace. Practicing a consistently healthy and active lifestyle will produce positive and long lasting results.


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