How Chair Time Affects Lipase Enzyme Functions Causing Obesity

According to researchers at the University of Missouri in Columbia, the more time people spend sitting also termed chair time, increased the likelihood of obesity, heart ailments and diabetes. Excessive sitting with lack of daily standing movements was found to inhibit the function of fat absorbing Lipase enzyme.

Lipase enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of fats after ingestion. Sitting disables this enzyme allowing the recirculation of fats in the blood leading to elevated fat levels or a direct transport to body fat storage.

It can be a one of many possible reasons for the presence of more than 47 million adults in the United States who suffer from metabolic syndrome, which causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

How Chair Time or Sitting Inhibits Lipase Enzyme Functions?

  • Enzymes are naturally occurring chemicals which either hasten or slow down chemical reactions in the body.   Standing encourages the use of enzymes.
  • Lipase is one such chemical associated with the body process of fat digestion by breaking down fat from food and causing its absorption in the intestines.
  • Sitting is found to cause this enzyme to stop its basic function.
  • The fat recirculates back into the blood blocking the pathways of blood to the heart or getting stored as fat cells.

Significance of the Research on Chair Time:

When researchers tested the blood samples of individuals who had their food sitting, they were found to be cloudy when compared to the clear blood samples of people who ate their food standing. Excessive sitting lowered subject’s good cholesterol by 22 percent which is of great concern to one’s health.

Standing for an hour burns 60 extra calories compared to sitting and improves the levels of good cholesterol. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are major culprits behind the obesity crisis in the United States. Awareness about this less known health behavior can go a long way in addressing the obesity and health.

Any activity you can perform standing rather than sitting will be of great benefit to your health and in managing your weight.



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