What are the Steps Involved in Health Promotion Obesity?

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. The time has arrived when the general public should cooperate with the government and the health care professionals in tackling obesity. It can be done if there is an awareness about the steps to follow for health promotion obesity.

Medical research is everyday finding a link between this prevalent physical disorder and different types of ailments. In what can be a remote possibility to imagine, obesity is found to be associated with 33 different types of cancer. Its nexus with diabetes and heart ailments is very well known to the doctors and the general public.

What are the Steps Involved in Health Promotion Obesity?

There are some uncontrollable aspects of obesity like genes. But, the role of controllable factors like lifestyle and lack of physical activities is equally potent in developing this condition. Understanding the significance of this fact before it is too late, is vital in tackling obesity by promoting healthy life.

Some of the Useful Steps to Follow in Daily Life to Stay Away from Obesity are:

  • Giving up eating of processed foods, foods with oil and sugar in excess amounts.
  • Consumption of alcohol in moderate levels and drinking the recommended eight glasses of water daily.
  • Taking breaks at the workplace and stroll for a while when working.
  • Discouraging children from developing a habit of eating fast foods in excess and leading a sedentary life sitting before television and computer.
  • Leading by example and exercising for an hour regularly with all the family members.
  • Browsing the health websites and going through the latest research articles on obesity meant for the general public.
  • This particular effort pays rich dividends in the form of awareness about risks and treatments of obesity related complications.


Never compromising on the issues of well being by prioritizing work responsibilities and indisciplined lifestyle helps in health promotion obesity which is the need of the hour.

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