Thermogenic Diet Supplements – Mechanism, Side Effects and Alternatives

With obesity reaching epidemic proportions in the United States, people are becoming increasingly anxious to find ways to lose weight. Some people are resorting to potentially dangerous means of weight loss such as taking diet pills which contain stimulants. Thermogenic supplements are also a popular pill that is said to increase metabolism and boost weight loss. Lack of awareness on the possible side effects of these products may result in undesired results or health complications.

How Thermogenic Diet Supplements Work?

  • Thermogenic supplements are available in the form of pills which speed up metabolic processes in the body by influencing the nervous system.
  • As vital functions like heart beat and breathing rate increase, the requirement of the energy of the body also increases, theoretically resulting in a higher rate at which calories are burned.
  • In order to meet this demand, stored fats in the body are burnt.
  • These supplements also raise the body temperature.

Thermogenic weight loss products are popular among athletes and body builders. Those who sponsor these supplements recommend them for general population for assisting in losing weight quickly in a short period of time.

Can We Do Away with Thermogenic Diet Supplements?

Thermogenic supplements interfere with the natural functioning of the body in order to cause their benefits. The body may respond by causing side effects like fever, nausea, dizziness, anxiety and dry mouth. Moreover, for the benefits to be apparent these pills have to be taken for many weeks continuously. Many brands of thermogenic supplements suggest that adequate water intake is important while on the pills in order to keep the body cool naturally. Many doctors do not recommend these pills and would advise to follow time tested and natural ways of weight loss. A proper calorie controlled diet plan along with moderate and regularly planned physical activities are the best method of keeping the body healthy and free of excess weight.


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