Challenges and Strategies for Child Obesity Prevention

A team of pediatricians and primary care physicians have found some of the factors which stop them from involving whole-heartedly in child obesity prevention. The experts have also developed some strategies which can be put in place to overcome the mentioned barriers. The results of the study are available in the December 2010 issue of the online journal Childhood Obesity.

Challenges Before the Experts in Child Obesity Prevention:

The panel of experts from different universities in America agreed that the role of pediatricians and primary care physicians is fundamental in addressing weight gain issue in young patients. But, some of the factors to be dealt with are:

  • The available funds meant for management and prevention of childhood obesity is not sufficient
  • Lack of time to spend with the parents in order to educate them on the gravity of the situation
  • Less financial aid available for carrying out educational and counselling sessions for the patients and their family members
  • The present trend of living involving poor nutrition choices, overeating and an inactive lifestyle

Proposed Strategies by Experts to Prevent Child Obesity Prevention:

  • The experts proposed that there should be community hubs and recreation departments in every area which can organize group programs for overweight or obese patients.
  • They believed that the syllabus of medical students should also include information about this menace in children.
  • Proper nutrition to curb this condition in children should also be a part of the educational experiences of these students.
  • They believe that nurses can be instrumental in preparing the groundwork for the doctors to explain the importance of height and weight measurements to the parents.
  • They emphasized that the doctors should focus on the plotting of BMI of the young patients on every visit as it can prove to be an important step towards the prevention and management of childhood obesity.

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