Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis in Men

Our present day hectic and sedentary lifestyle distracts us from taking proper care of our body. The consequences are apparent in the form of rising health risks of the mind and body. Revealing one such risk, researchers in May 2008 found that overweight men were more at the risk of developing osteoarthritic hip and knees than women. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

What the Study on Osteoarthritis Hip and Knee Risks in Men Revealed?
The experts were aware of the fact that obesity is a definite risk factor for osteoarthritis of the knee.

And this study has revealed, not for the first time; that being overweight is a risk factor for this condition of the hip and knees, particularly in men.

As part of this study, Body Mass was taken of 1,473 Icelandic people who either had knee or hip replacement compared to 1,103 people not undergoing these surgeries.

The study found that the risk of undergoing hip replacement by overweight women in comparison to normal weight women were the same.

Men with a BMI over 30 were found to be 70% more at risk of undergoing hip replacement surgery.
However, the risk of undergoing knee replacement surgery was high in overweight people from both the genders.
Obese men were five times more at risk of getting their knee replacement and obese women had four times the risk.

According to the researchers, the study backs up the definite link between total knee replacement and a high BMI. But, in the case of osteoarthritic hip replacement, the association is weak in women but strong in men.
Stiffness in the hip, pain during activities and walking with a limp are some of the signs of hip arthritis. The severity of these signs become more prevalent as the condition worsens. Even moderate weight loss can considerably bring down the risk of developing this condition.



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