Tips For Fighting Obesity

  • The peak at which obesity is increasing worldwide is so high that the WHO, which is the World Health Organization obesity as the 21st century epidemic.

    Fighting obesity

    is not very easy as it continues due to the increased access to the junk food that is not nutritious but very high in calories. This body fat is mainly due to the inactive lifestyles and poor eating patterns. Healthy diet and exercise are the two major factors that can help us in combating obesity. Obesity can result in high blood pressure, liver problems, psychological problems, glandular dysfunction and kidney disorders.

    Firstly before you

    fight obesity,

    you need to know the types of obesity. There are 2 types and the first one is that which is seen in the abdominal area, where the fat is accumulated in the abdominal area. This is dangerous to health as it is the area where all the important organs are placed. The second type is due to the increase in fat from the middle part of the body to the down. This can cause varicose veins, haemorrhages and poor circulation. Action against obesity is a difficult task, which requires self discipline, where you need to deal with poor eating patterns and bad lifestyle habits.
    So, here we have given certain tips on

    fighting obesity.

    Tips on Fighting Obesity

    Prevention must start at an early stage but, here are some of the simple but effective tips to stab excessive weight gain:

    • Exercise:

      You need to be active by exercising or taking a walk before breakfast to burn off the excessive fat. Do not worry about the extra calories that you consume during the meals. Exercise is the best way to curb the fats and to eliminate the excessive calories. This helps to maintain the muscle tone of the body.

    • Eat a Variety of Foods:

      Do not be shy in eating variety of foods and keep rotating foods. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and foods that are higher in vitamins, minerals and fibre that is fat free and cholesterol free. Try to get fresh foods from the market.

    • Drink Water:

      Drink plenty of water and avoid the sodas. Our body is made up of 75% of water and it is a vital part of the healthy diet. Drink nearly eight glasses of water daily as it keeps your system free from all the toxins. It flushes the organs and keeps them clean. The bladder and kidneys are usually the organs that are flushed if you take lots of water.

    • Empty Stomach:

      Never go for grocery shopping on an empty stomach as you can get tempted to buy all the unhealthy food stuffs and feed your stomach as you will be hungry.

    • Regular Bowel Movement:

      Make sure that you have regular bowel movements or you can make it a habit to drink one teaspoon of olive oil every day. Take extra fibre in your diet as it cleanses the intestines. You can also take an apple with a glass full of water daily half an hour before meals as this reduces your appetite.

    • Chew Slowly:

      Chew your food slowly or put less food in your dish. Chew any food for at least twenty to thirty times before swallowing. Never chew a gum as they increase the secretion of gastric juices, which can make you feel hungry, which in turn can make your digestive system over work.

    • Lower Fatty Foods:

      Never consume animal fats that are present in creams, whole milk, mayonnaise, dressings, ice cream and butter. Instead of these products take olive oil. Avoid the intake of wheat flour products, white rice, salt, processed foods, etc. Avoid the intake of foods from fast food centres.

    • Avoid Sweets:

      Do not consume sweets like doughnuts, cakes, candy, pies, pastries and try to exclude different forms of sugar. Eat carbohydrates and proteins like lentils, plain baked potatoes, beans, whole grains, white fish meat, sesame seeds and tofu.

    So, these are some of the ways of fighting for obesity. Try to curb obesity before it gets serious and severe to prevent further health complications.

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