Losing Weight for Teenagers

The most frequently asked question that most of the teens ask is how to lose fat especially, in some areas. There are some parts that store more fats like the waist, hips, upper back, belly, thighs and butt. There are many ways of losing weight for teenagers and you might have many doubts like which exercises work the best and hundreds of crunches for flat abs or squats and lifts for thinner legs. These are some of the things that many of us try to do to lose weight. What if these do not work but if you have to lose weight, you need to burn off the calories. This can be done by the most effective way that is by exercise and diet. Read on some of the effective ways of losing weight for teenagers.

Losing Weight for Teenagers

Weight Reduction Methods for Teenagers

Here are some of the ways to lose weight especially, for the teens:


One effective way is to include more of vigorous exercises and do general activity throughout the day to control your calories. According to the American College and Sports Medicine, they have recommended physical activity of at least an hour for several hours for both teens and kids. Some of the activities include:

  • Shooting hoops
  • Sports
  • Running and walking
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • In line skating
  • Bike riding

You will burn more of calories as long as you are away from the computer or TV. These will surely help you lose weight. Some of the

key factors to lose weight


  • Select those things that you like the most and if you are not interested in the outdoor activities or team sports then workout by watching fitness video games or follow the fitness programs that run on televisions. This way you can workout at home.
  • You must set apart some time for exercise every day and make it a regular habit so, that it becomes a part of the routine.
  • Look for different ways to move more that is to walk extra for example walk to your friends house or turn on the radio and start dancing. If you look for more ways to move then you end up being healthy by burning more calories.
  • You can always take help by joining a gym and work under a trainer on a daily basis for regular exercise. You can talk to your parents and take their help to figure out a fitness center or a gym

Watch Your Calories

Apart from the physical activities, you must keep a watch on what you eat as this is useful fro both your friends and family. If your parents buy food then you can talk to them and make healthier options by selecting foods and the other ways to burn the calories are:

  • You must watch your drinks and too many juices, sports drinks and sodas can add more of fats. Replace these unhealthy fluids with water and try to burn those extra calories.
  • Most of the vegetables and fruits have high amounts of nutrients and fiber. They are less in calories and this makes your stomach filled faster by eating less. You must eat fruits as snacks especially, before meals to cut down on the calories. This will reduce the hunger as well.
  • You must completely avoid the intake of fast food and have occasional fries and burger. Avoid the intake of such foods every day and treat yourself only now and then.
  • If you get hungry then avoid mindless snacking and especially, snacks like cookies, candy and other sweets. Emotional eating is not the solution but it makes the matter worse.

You must keep eating throughout the day to keep your metabolism smooth. This fuels the body and helps your body to function normally. All the teenagers who are obese or overweight can lose weight with a little bit of determination and control to avoid certain unhealthy lifestyle practices.

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