Best Childhood Obesity Solutions

Childhood Obesity is the most common problems that is seen in most of the children in the United States of America. There are many childhood obesity solutions that can be followed by the children, parents, teachers, school food managers or directors, school administrators and the civic leaders. Childhood obesity solutions include that these mentioned group of people should work in coordination to curb obesity during childhood. Here are some of the simple and effective solutions to fight obesity in children.


Childhood Obesity Solutions

Here are some of the effective ways to fight against child obesity:


  • Children should aim for sixty minutes of moderate physical activity everyday.
  • You should be active by doing certain things like jumping on a rope or dancing.
  • Start recording what you eat for some days and if it is not the same then resemble the food guide pyramid and make the necessary change.
  • Eat more of vegetables and fruits.
  • Take some low sugar and low fat snacks.


  • Do not use food as a punishment or reward for the children.
  • You must limit the intake of fast food to once a week.
  • Do not watch television while having meals.
  • Eat meals together as a family at the dinner table.
  • Set particular time in front of the TV and computer. The time that is spent with these electronic devices reduces the physical activity and increases the consumption of snacks that are high in calories. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they recommend that you must limit the time spent in front of the TV, video games and computer to not more than one or two days every day.
  • As parents you must give healthy foods your children and all you can do is buy more yogurt, fruits but fewer cookies and you could serve fewer sodas and more of ice water. Regular soft drinks can add up to 110 to 160 calories per serving.
  • You must encourage your children to involve them in activities that they would enjoy and be active. Some of the games are sports like soccer, soft ball, outdoor activities like 4-H clubs, other activities like throwing Frisbees, skating and biking.
  • You must take time for the family to enjoy together by certain physical activities.
  • As parents, you must assign house hold chores among the family members like washing the car, mowing the lane and vacuuming. These chores can be rotated among the members to avoid getting bored of these chores.
  • You must also be a role model for your children by eating more vegetables and fruits, physically active. If you set a good example then your children would follow in your foot steps.
  • Let the school where your child studies know that you are concerned about your child and the amount of physical activity included in the school. You can have nutrition and exercise experts speak in the PTA or school board meetings about the changes that are required to be made.
  • You must buy pure and hundred percent fruit juices. Half cup of fruit juice could give one serving of fruit. So, be careful in serving even the fruit servings or juices.


  • As teachers, you also must pay attention to the movement in the classroom curriculum. Active students are ready to learn and active.
  • You can ask the parents to bring healthy options for snacking and encourage them to have healthy snacks.
  • Never punish or reward the students with food.
  • You can begin a programme where the school can raise awareness on the importance of physical activities among the staff and especially students.
  • You can talk to a health educator and speak to the class about the programs or about the places where students may be involved in exercising.
  • You can also start or plan to help the students regarding the health care opportunities and this way you can promote health.
  • Invite the school food services director to talk about the classes regarding the healthy meal planning.

School Food Service Managers

  • Offer more vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy foods and whole grains.
  • Make sure that lunch and breakfast options are healthy and you take suggestions from students and teachers to give ideas on healthier food choices.
  • Reduce or limit the access to high sugar foods, high calorie and high fat foods.
  • You can even change the cafeteria setting to create an awareness with postures or brochures about Five a Day vegetables and fruits or less than 1%of dairy foods.
  • You must seek students input for the menus through classroom activities or contests.

School Administrators

  • Promote healthier physical activity and eating pattern in the school.
  • You can get a registered or certified nutritionist or dietitian attend the staff or faculty meetings.
  • Wellness programs can be available to the staff and faculty in the school.
  • As administrators, you need to create an healthier environment for healthier food choices for meals.
  • The vending machines must be made with healthier options for students especially.


  • A community must be created exclusively for the teenagers and children for physical activity.
  • The access for food choices that is for a healthy diet like vegetables, fruits and dairy products must be increased.
  • You can work as a community with the cooperative extension service, local and state health departments to promote community physical activities and organise various programs.
  • Increase the access to the public like playgrounds, walking or biking trails and gyms.

Civic Leaders

  • You must work with the engineers and planners for bicycle paths and side walks. You can widen the side walks so that these places may be less crowded and safer for the common public.
  • You can also create a coalition with the members of the community to address the problem of childhood obesity.

These are some of the suggestions for reducing the incidence of childhood obesity. This is a problem that can be addressed by involving the child, parents, teachers, community, civic leaders , school management and the government as well. This way we can not only fight obesity but also prevent childhood obesity.

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