Fad Diets That Work Fast

Fad diets get a bad rap – often deservedly. However, not all fad diets are harmful. These diets usually aim at limiting your daily caloric intake and cutting fat from your diet. Some fad diets can work – fast.

Chicken Soup Diet
The chicken soup diet is based on a homemade soup with vegetables, cayenne pepper, salt and chicken pieces with garlic. This diet also recommends that you avoid eating a heavy breakfast.

Bread and Butter Diet
The bread and butter diet allows you to eat a slice of bread and butter with every meal. It is a four-day meal plan and a low-calorie diet plan. On average, you consume 850 calories daily. Here is a sample meal plan for the bread and butter diet:

Day 1
Breakfast: One slice of whole-wheat bread, one teaspoon of margarine or butter and half cup of orange juice.
Lunch: 150 grams of tuna with one slice of bread, one teaspoon of margarine and a small apple.
Dinner: 100 grams of broiled cod, one cup of steamed broccoli, half cup of steamed peas with black pepper, one slice of rye bread, one teaspoon of margarine and one tangerine.

Day 2
Breakfast: One slice of raisin bread, one teaspoon of butter or margarine and a boiled egg.
Lunch: One grilled salmon steak, six cherry tomatoes, half cup of lettuce with vinaigrette, a slice of white bread, one teaspoon of margarine or butter.
Dinner: One hamburger, one pickle, green salad, one slice of bread with one teaspoon of margarine or butter.

Day 3
Breakfast: One slice of cornbread, one teaspoon of margarine or butter and half cup of grape juice.
Lunch: Half cup of steamed green beans, two hard-boiled eggs, one roasted bell pepper, one sliced Italian bread and one teaspoon of margarine or butter.

Dinner: One slice of bran bread with one teaspoon of butter with margarine.

Day 4
Breakfast: One sliced cracked wheat bread with one teaspoon of margarine or butter.
Lunch: One cup of steamed summer squash, half cup roasted tomatoes, one slice of roasted French bread and one teaspoon of margarine or butter.

Dinner: One grilled turkey breast, half cup of steamed corn, one slice of bread, salad and one teaspoon of butter.
Morning Banana Diet

As the name implies, this diet is totally based on bananas. This diet is not complicated to follow. The basic premise of the morning banana diet is to eat as many bananas as possible in the morning. Second, you are to drink warm water along with the bananas. All you have to do is to follow these two basic things guidelines. The best part is that you get to eat whatever you want for lunch, dinner and snacks.

Four-Day Diet

The name may be misleading because it can sound like you will lose weight in the span of four days. However, it’s not a fasting diet. Instead, you change the diet every four days. Each module introduces new foods and different ways of eating. The modules are:

Induction is a strict detoxification phase.
Transition allows you to reintroduce all of the food groups.
Protein Stretch focuses on protein foods to help you avoid weight-loss plateaus
Smooth allows you to have some foods that were previously forbidden, like pizza and French fries
Push returns to a strict eating plan.
Pace is a comfortable eating plan to give you a little break.
Vigorous is the final module, and is designed to get off the last few pounds.

The Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser weight loss plan was designed by nutritionists at the University of California and the American Dietetic Association, and is based on the 4,3,2,1 system. This system follows 4 servings of vegetables and fruits, 3 portions of lean protein, 2 servings of whole grains and 1 portion of extras. The extras are anything that you want, but cannot exceed 200 calories. The 4,3,2,1 servings are divided into six small meals and the size of each serving is determined by the amount of calories on your weight-loss plan.
Exercise plays a vital role in this weight loss plan and if you are one who hates to exercise then this diet is not for you. However, if you are ready to sweat it out then this diet plan may be the perfect one. The exercise includes both strength training and aerobics.

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new diet or exercise regimen.


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  1. I'm 17 and 5 weeks before my weight was 75 kg. Now after 5 weeks I losed 13 kg,, with this diet and a bit of exercise. I'm now the weight what I'm suppose to be!!!

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