Obesity and Skin Care

Obesity is a common problem that can contribute to heart attacks, hypertension and many medical problems. However, many are not aware that obesity can cause number of skin diseases as well. This is the reason why

obesity and skin care

is an important factor. Some of the skin conditions that affect most of the obese people are stretch marks and cellulitis. Proper skin care can prevent such skin problems.

Obesity and skin care

are closely related because the more weight a person has, the more susceptible he/she is for various skin infections. Obese people have problems with the circulation and effects the skin function and health. Obese people, who suffer from diabetes suffer from various infections. The persons weight contributes in the break down of certain skin tissues.

Skin Care and Hygiene

Hygiene problems are another great cause of worry for obese people and they need to take special care of their skin. They may find it difficult reaching certain areas of the body to perform the hygienic functions. Hand held showers and reaching aids can improve the personal hygiene. Some of the problems of skin if overweight are:

  • Friction:

    Friction is another main cause of worry because the folds of the skin rubs against themselves and they become irritated. This can lead to skin breaks and blisters also. So use silicone based products or oil based to control friction.

  • Moisture:

    Most of the obese people have problems related to perspiration and moisture. Keeping your skin dry is the main goal of treatment. Keep your skin dry as it helps in preventing perspiration. Apply a gentle antiperspirant and you can use them for the skin folds for minimizing perspiration. Urine present on the skin from inadequate cleaning or incontinence can cause rashes.

  • Breaks:

    Obesity when combined with diabetes can lead to ulcers, which can also be called as a break in the normal integrity of skin. Obese people do not have proper movement, which results in poor circulation of the blood. This can result in stasis ulcers and these wounds are very hard to heal and have lot of complications. All you can do is start inspecting your skin for signs of infection.


obesity and skin care

is important because skin care plays a major role in preventing many of the skin infections. You can even consult your doctor and take the required treatment.

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