Juice Diets and Weight Loss

Weight loss by following juicy diets have become the most common means to treat obesity. Juice diets for weight loss is an effective way to reduce the weight. You can lose weight with a two week juice fast if you follow it properly. Here are some of the instructions to be followed for juice diets and weight loss.

Juice Diet and Weight Loss

Instructions for Juice Fast and Weight Loss

Here are some of the common instructions that you need to follow when going on juice fasts:

  • Firstly, you must pay attention to the juice that you use for the diet. You can use pre made juices or make your own juice or purchase the organic juice. If you plan to purchase then you need to be very cautious as it must not have preservative like sodium, sugar and etc. Hence, it is better to use home-made juices or use the pre-made juices.
  • Drink enough of juices and try to drink at least eight glasses of juice every day. Try to drink eight glasses of water. Start using both vegetable and fruit juices as well and make sure that you drink a variety of juices to get the required nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants for the body. If you do not like the taste then add the vegetable juice in fruit juice and make sure that you add pinch of sea salt because you do not eat anything. Continue to drink water even though you are on juice diets.
  • When you are finished with the two week juice fast then don’t just switch back to your normal and regular diet. You can upset the metabolic process if you suddenly switch on to the normal diet.
  • Once you finish the two weeks of juice diet then slowly start with light soups made of fresh vegetables and fruits. Then the next day, you slowly start with adding liquid foods or very light foods. The third day can be a day of taking raw foods with poultry, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Try to take things very slowly and avoid the intake of fats for about five days.

The above are the some of the simple instructions that you need for juice diets and weight loss.

Research Facts About Juice Diets

According to a new research presented at Experimental Biology (EB) 2009 meeting, men and women who consumed 100% fruit juice areƂ leaner, have smaller waist circumference and lower risk of obesity. This study was conducted by researchers from the University of Minnesota

Dr. Mark Periera and Dr. Victor Fulgoni from University of Minnesota looked at data from National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 1999-2004 and found out that consumers of 100 percent fruit juice had lower Body Mass Index (BMI), lower insulin resistance when compared to non-consumers.

The researchers analyzed 14000 participants of 19 years and older and found a strong relationship between fruit juice intake and lowered risk of obesity. In fact, people who drank fruit juice had 22% lower risk of obesity. They also had higher levels of activity, lower added sugar intake and higher fiber intake

Fruit juice consumers also had lower risk of chronic diseases, metabolic sydrome was about 15% lower (metabolic syndrom is defined as the presence any three of the following conditions: high blood glucose, high fasting triglycerides, high blood pressure and central obesity).

According to Dr. Mark Pereira of University of Minnesota, eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits is linked with lower risk of chronic diseases. One cup of pure fruit juice is equivalent to a serving of fruit and it provides similar health benefits

To fight obesity, one should exercise and have a healthy diet. Drinking fruit juice can help in replacing sodas, sugary drinks thereby helping in fighting obesity.

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