Does Drinking Lemon Juice Help Lose Weight Fast?

Lemon juice is a popular fad diet. Proponents claim that it acts by reducing the acids that leads to digestive illness. The author of “The Fast Track One Daily Diet”, Ann Louise Gittleman, says that lemon juice detoxifies the body and helps you lose weight fast.

Lemon Juice and Weight loss

  • Vitamin C
    Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. This acid helps in the elimination of bile juice from liver, which is the key factor in losing weight. Cleansing and removing the bile allows it to metabolize fat efficiently. Vitamin C also triggers the production of an antioxidant called the glutathione that helps in the detoxification of liver.
  • Acts as an Appetite Suppressant
    Lemon juice acts as an appetite suppressant and aids in digestion. Because lemon is acidic, it helps in the breakdown of food and reduces hunger. Proponents also claim that the pectin in lemons and other citrus fruits gives your stomach a feeling of fullness, a claim supported by a 1997 study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

How to Consume Lemon Juice

Bruce Krahn, who is the author of “The Fat-Fighter Diet”, suggests people to start the day with a glass of lemon juice early in the morning – preferably on an empty stomach. For best results, mix the lemon juice with warm water.

If you suffer from acid reflux, you may not be able to tolerate the acidity of lemon juice – especially in the morning. Consult your doctor before you begin.

Always consult your doctor before beginning a new diet or exercise regimen.


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