Drinking a Cup of Tea Helps to Lose Weight

A cup of tea is all you need to remove the excess pounds. You can stop your trainers and even put the crash diet you were contemplating, on hold. Drinking tea does help in weight loss, says a new research.

A new research has stated that one cup of tea reduces the fat content absorbed by the intestines. It also cuts cholesterol and helps you to get in shape. But one can reap the benefits of green tea only if you drink it without adding milk.

Tea has a lot of good antioxidants like the thearubigins and theaflavins, that are very much important in the prevention of obesity. Cow’s milk has proteins that can stabilize these compounds and prevent them from being assimilated in the body.


Dr. Devajit Borthakur from the Tea Research Association of India opines that when tea is taken with milk, these thearubigins and theaflavins form complex substances on reacting with the protein in the milk, which causes them to break up or precipitate.

This means that we do not get the benefit from these compounds nor the milk. Therefore, the reason why it is advised to avoid milk in tea is clearly understood.

Most of us drink tea with milk and sugar added in. Hence, it is not out of place to find obesity growing rapidly despite the fact that many of us drink tea.

Skimmed milk is thought as one of the healthy choices. However, it too is known to reduce the active antioxidants in tea, thereby decreasing its potency in weight loss.

Dr. Lisa Ryan, who is a lecturer in the human nutrition at the Oxford Brookes states that “The fat content of milk seems to buffer poly-phenols and antioxidants. She further adds that protein molecules found in milk known as caseins bind with the poly-phenols. Hence, its availability is decreased in the human body”.
Thus it is beyond any doubt that drinking green tea helps in weight loss.

Green tea extract, available in the form of pills, is an excellent natural aid for weight loss. They also offer numerous health benefits such as relief from coronary ailments, anti aging properties etc apart from weight loss. This type of tea extract has its origin in China. This tea extract is made from green tea leaves and is a very popular and healthy option for weight loss.

Oprah Winfrey, the popular talk show host, followed a diet consisting of green tea extract. This diet has gained immense popularity worldwide. This extract contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which aids in burning calories. This increases thermogenesis (heat produced in the body) by stimulating the rate of metabolism.

Weight Loss and Green Tea Extract

The green tea diet is one of the most popular diet amongst various weight loss diet plans. EGCG and caffeine are the main components of green tea extract which are responsible for the slimming effects. They aid in weight loss by:

  • Increasing the metabolic rate.
  • Burn fat.
  • Inhibit the conversion of energy into fat.
  • Regulate the absorption of dietary fat in the body.
  • Regulate the sugar levels in the blood
  • Minimize food cravings.
  • Enhance endurance levels nearly by 25%.

Click on the video below to watch Dr.Natasha Turner reiterate the benefits of green tea especially when it comes to weight loss.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

  • Rich source of EGCG, which is an anti oxidant 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E. This fights the free radicals. Also, minimizes the risk of acquiring certain type of cancers.
  • Caffeine is a fat reducing component and also a stimulant.
  • Contain polyphenols, which provide defense against respiratory and digestive infections.
  • Lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Contain chromium which aids in burning fats.
  • Minimizes inflammation and is an anti bacterial agent.
  • Protects against dental plaques.
  • Provides defense against liver damage.
  • Enhances the immune system.

Tea is extracted from the plant Camella sinesis evergreen. It is the same plant from which green tea, black tea, white tea, and oolong tea are derived. The differences between the different varieties of slimming tea are that some are semi-fermented while others are unfermented. Oolong tea is semi fermented and has gained popularity as a weight loss product. Studies show that oolong tea increases metabolism and fat oxidation, thereby helping to achieve weight loss. People worldwide are beginning to realize the power of this natural alternative which is also called the wu yi tea.

How does Oolong tea help in Weight Loss?

Oolong tea contains compounds known as polyphenols. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants and can increase the BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate, which can help in weight loss by helping the body burn more calories. Compared to Green tea, Oolong tea is supposed to contain more polyphenols.Hence, oolong tea is more efficient against obesity than green tea.

Caffeine is a key ingredient of oolong tea which acts as a stimulant and is believed to help increase the energy expenditure.
In spite of the weight loss benefits of the said tea, drinking just the tea would not be much beneficial. Healthy diet, exercise coupled with drinking oolong tea can help achieve the desired weight loss.

Buy a pure variety of oolong tea and drink it as a hot or cold beverage to obtain optimum results. Drink a cup during a hunger pang to avoid any unhealthy snacking. Drinking oolong tea is not a sure shot way to overcome obesity, but combining the tea with controlled diet and exercise can help you to achieve weight loss.

White Tea for Weight Loss

White tea might be helpful in achieving weight loss. Known as a predecessor to green tea, white tea reduces fat accumulation and speeds up the metabolism. White tea is made from the buds and the baby leaves of the tree from which green tea is made. White tea is considered to have more antioxidants and compounds than green tea, and may help in weight loss.

How Does White Tea Help in Weight Loss?

The fat cells in our body not only grow in number, but also grow in size. When scientists from Beiersdorf AG, Germany exposed the adipose cells to white tea, they observed that the cells accumulated 70% less fat. Moreover, it was found that white tea also reduced the ability of the cells to multiply or grow in number. This means that white tea can help in overcoming obesity to a great extent.

White tea is supposed to contain more antioxidants and other compounds when compared to green tea, as it is in its unprocessed state. Hence, white tea for weight loss might be more effective than green tea. White tea also contains caffeine and other compounds which speed up the metabolism and help in fat burning.

White tea might be costly and not as easily available as green tea. However, it might be more accessible in the future. White tea helps in reducing fat accumulation and accelerates fat burning. So, it would be helpful if you start drinking white tea for weight loss.

Instructions For Taking Slimming Tea

Here are some of the things that you need to follow:

  • To make green tea work, you need to drink one cup of this tea every day two times. This helps you to get the required amounts of antioxidants along with the other nutrients.
  • You must make sure that you drink this tea in right dosages to get all the benefits including weight loss.
  • Do not take more than the required dose because most of the teas have caffeine in them. If you are on prescription medicines and if you are sensitive to caffeine then consult your doctor before consuming this tea.
  • If you have a problem in getting yourself used to the tea then you can enhance the taste by adding coca powder, sugar, vanilla, cream, or a splash of lemon.

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