Obesity Problem In Teenagers

Obesity in teens is a major cause of concern these days. The unhealthy lifestyle of teenagers plays a major role in their becoming obsessed. According to a recent survey, America has nearly 14% of obsessed teens in its population. This number is a cause of concern. There are many causes of obesity in teens. In this article we will discuss some of the basic causes of obesity and few simple tips to getting rid of your growing weight.

Causes Of Obesity In Teenagers:

Some of the causes of obesity in teenagers are:

  • Lack Of Exercise Along With Unhealthy Eating Habits:

    Teens today have a busy schedule in which there is not much space for exercising. This lack of exercise is the biggest factor in making a teen obsessed. Moreover unhealthy eating which includes junk food and sweeteners makes the things worse.

  • Sitting In front Of Television/Computers:

    The other major factor of obesity in teens has been sitting for long hours especially in front of computer video game, play stations etc.

  • Lack of Proper Sleep:

    If you are not sleeping properly you will invite obesity. This is because a tired body tends to release some hormones which can increase your body weight.

  • Intake of Oily Food:

    Regular intake of oily, spicy food always results in obesity.

Steps to Get Rid of Obesity in Teenage:

Some of the steps which can be followed to get rid of the excess food in teens are:

  • Take proper rest and sleep for adequate amount of time.
  • Restrict the amount of caffeine as it pokes the secretion of hormone which increases body weight.
  • Do not stress your body too much as stress will not help you in reducing your overweight but will increase your body weight.
  • Eat healthy food comprising of fruits, green vegetables, whole grains etc. This will give your body energy without increasing your weight.

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