Psychological Effects Of Obesity

The emotional or psychological welfare of an obese person is greatly disturbed. In fact the physical health of such persons also gets affected due to the same reason. Issues like low self-esteem, social discrimination etc. affects the life of an obese person so badly that they even start thinking of ending their lives. In this article, we will throw light on what type of psychological effects are in the life of an obese person.

Top 4 Psychological Effects of Obesity:

Obese People Are More Liable To Suffer From Depression And Anxiety:

Men and women who are obese are less active physically, not because they have difficulty in moving around, but because they feel embarrassed roaming around freely. Most of them do not feel comfortable carrying out exercises in front of others, due to their shape and size. When these conditions prevail for a long periods of time, they can result in anxiety and depression.

Obese People Lack Will Power:

It has been noticed that due to social discrimination, due to their looks, overweight people lack strong will power. This is because people consider them lazy and good for nothing. This undesirable behavior of the society reduces their confidence and reduces their will power greatly.

College Attendance of Overweight People Is Very Poor:

Those students who are overweight are found to have very poor attendance records. This mostly happens because of their low self-esteem and neglected behavior of the society towards them. They feel that they are good for nothing and no one likes or requires them.

Obese People Are Bad At Romantic Relationships:

It has been seen that obese people, usually girls are very bad in romantic relationships, only because of their weight and physical appearance. This is because they feel that they are not beautiful and nobody will love them, rather they will laugh and make fun of them.


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