Obesity And Early Puberty

There is a general view that obesity is responsible for the early puberty in children. The studies have proved that those children who are obsessed attain their puberty early as compared to thin children. In this article we will be discussing the association between obesity and early puberty.

Association between Obesity And Early Puberty:

Many studies have been conducted to establish a connection in between obesity and early puberty. According to one study, the fat cells present in our body are responsible for making a hormone called Leptin. Leptin is responsible for regulating the body, type, reproduction and appetite in the body. So, more the fat cells, more will be the quantity of Leptin in the body. But Leptic does not trigger puberty by itself. The research conducted has concluded that for puberty to begin, enough of Leptin has to be there in the body. It is for the same reason that those girls who are overweight, seems to have breast development at an early age.

Sometimes rapid weight gain in infancy stage can also result in early puberty as well. Studies have proved that this happens due to the biological changes in the young babies which can have a lasting effect and therefore can result in early puberty.

There is another view as well. Some studies suggest that due to obesity some kids who are actually not having early puberty symptoms are diagnosed with it. For example, it can happen that pediatric endocrinologist finds it hard to differentiate between the breast and fat tissues in an overweight girl. So, there is a risk of wrong diagnosis as well.

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