Knee Osteoarthritis And Obesity

Recent studies have proved that increase in the number of obesity patients have also accelerated the amount of patients suffering from osteoarthritis as well. The pervasiveness of obesity and the inflammation seems to directly connect with osteoarthritis. In this article, we will discuss the relationship between the two states.

Association Between Osteoarthritis And Obesity:

Some of the points which prove the association between the two states are:

  • The wear and tear in the knee of the person occurs mostly in places where the metabolic rate is very high and an inflammatory environment is created.
  • Adipose tissue along with cytokine which include leptin, adiponectin and resistinare are responsible for the degradation of the joint and local inflammatory process.
  • Actually, leptin is a hormone which is directly associated with the fat cells. So, more the number of fat greater will be the amount of leptin and greater harm will caused to the knee.
  • Moreover, improper activity of glucose and lipid metabolism in the body can also result in osteoarthritis.
  • The presence of huge numbers of mechanoreceptors or chondrocyte, which is present due to excess weight, is also considered as one of the reason for the cause of osteoarthritis due to obesity.
  • This condition is widely noticed in women as the rate of obesity is greater in women as compared to men. As the BMI of the women is higher compared to men of the same age and size, women are at a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis.
  • The excessive weight of the obese person puts extra pressure on the knees of the body, which reduces the smooth functioning of the joint. If this condition is not treated on time then it transforms into osteoarthritis after some time.

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