Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Childhood obesity can result in a number of other serious problems as well. Some of these are heart disease, pre diabetes, hyperlipidemia (a condition in which excess of fat gets collected in blood, which can clog the arteries), gastro intestinal diseases, sleep apnea, psychological problems etc. The conditions which are associated with childhood obesity are supposed to carry on for a long time and overweight kids can transform into overweight adults as well. In this article we discuss about the steps which parents can take to prevent their kids from becoming obese.

Tips for Parents to Prevent Their Child from Childhood Obesity Epidemic:

Some of the tips which parents can follow to prevent their kid from getting obese are:

  • Give love and attention to your child. They should realize the fact that you are caring for them. This is because studies have proved that those kids who are not properly attended by their parents have a high rate of obesity.
  • Make sure that your kid eats only when they are hungry. If food is eaten for comfort measure it will result in obesity.
  • Avoid keeping a close watch on what your child is eating and in what quantity. This will interfere with the child’s response to hunger and their feeling full condition.
  • Keep a note of your weight; this is because if one of the parents is overweight then it wills double the chances of the kid to transform into a overweight adult.
  • Always focus on healthy eating. This is because healthy eating habits along with a lot of physical activity will keep your kid fit and fine.
  • Try to limit the time of television watching of your kid. This is because there is a direct connection in between television and obesity. Actually watching television reduces the time for physical activity of the kids; moreover eating in front of television reduces their metabolic rate as well.


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