Myths And Facts Associated To Obesity

Obesity is a cause of concern in every sector of the society. There are several myths floating around related to this condition. How do you separate fact from fiction, we’ve debunked the myths for you.

Myths And Facts Associated To Obesity:

Myth 1:

Obesity is caused by unhealthy eating habits. These people do not work-out and put a sincere effort into weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle.


It is necessary to understand that obesity depends on the behavior of the person. There are many factors that influence obesity. Although eating habits and physical habits play a major role in increasing obesity but there are other factors as well. For instance, some hormonal disorders play a major role in accelerating obesity such as conditions of the thyroid and adrenal glands, pituitary glands and ovaries.

Myth 2:

Obesity is more prevalent in high income communities.


It is true that the rate of obesity is higher in the regions which are economically advanced in developing countries but obesity also prevails in countries where the levels of malnutrition are very high. In such countries social changes, greater consumption of food or genetic changes can be a cause of obesity.

Myth 3:

Gaining weight as a women grows is a natural process..


It is true that metabolic changes in women bring about a weight gain in women but if this weight gain is more than 20 pounds then it is an indication of obesity-related disease. It has found that if the gain of weight is more than 20 pounds in between the age of 18 to midlife then it can result in postmenopausal breast cancer.


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