Android Obesity

Android obesity a type of obesity in which the body resembles that of an apple-shape. In this type of obesity, bloating is noticed in the upper part of the body for example in the neck, arms, face, and chest of the body. This means that the entire portion of abdomen is bloated whereas the stomach is stiff and so is the arms, shoulders and breast. The back in the case of Android obesity is erect while the neck is compressed and the chest protrudes out due to the presence of bulk in the stomach.

In the case of Android obesity the lower part of the body which comprises of thighs, hips and legs are thinner as compared to the upper part of the body. In this condition the kidneys, heart liver and lungs are at highest risk for developing health complications.
This type of obesity is mostly found in women; especially in those women who suffer from some of hormonal imbalances; such as thyroid conditions or those women going through menopause.

Difference between Android Obesity and Gynoid Obesity:

Android obesity is the obesity of the upper part of the body like the upper part of the chest, Area around the neck and shoulders. On the other hand, gynoid obesity occurs when the distribution of fat is noticed in the hip and thigh areas. Due to the excessive deposition of fat in these part the hips become round in shape and even the buttocks gives a larger look. Therefore, those suffering from gynoid obesity give a appearance of pear so this type of obesity is also termed as pear -shaped obesity.


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