Top 10 Tips To Help Prevent Childhood Overweight And Obesity

In order to prevent your child from overweight and obesity it is important he must balance the intake of the calories taken with the help of physical activity. In the article below we will discuss

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Childhood Overweight and Obesity


Top 10 Tips To Prevent Childhood Overweight And Obesity:

Some of the tips to prevent childhood overweight and obesity are:

  • Help Kids To Develop Healthy Eating Habits:

    Make your child aware of what they should eat that will keep them healthy. Train them to eat foods which provides for sufficient nutrition and do not carry many calories as well.

  • Encourage Healthy Eating Habits:

    You can develop healthy eating habits in your child if the entire family will sit and eat healthy food together. Make sure that serve your child with fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products in adequate amount. The dairy products should carry low-fat or no fat at all. For protein items you can select beans, lentils, poultry and lean meat. Intake of water in large quantity must be cultivated among kids.

  • Avoid Outside Food:

    In order to control the weight of your kids, it is advisable to avoid eating out in restaurants etc. This is because the food served at restaurants carries a lot of calories in them. So it is advisable to cook healthy and low calorie food at home which is tasty and healthy for your kids and family.

  • Be innovative; Make Favorite Dishes In A Healthy Manner:

    You will have learn some innovative ways to prepare healthy dishes with the addition of more vegetables and fruits which will attract children to eat and is tasty as well.

  • Prevent Your Children From Eating Calorie-Rich Food:

    In order to develop healthy eating habits in your children it is advisable to prevent them from eating calorie-rich food or make sure that they eat them in moderate amount. Make them replace the high-fat, high-sugar or salty snacks with something which has low- sugar and low-fat like a medium size apple, or a banana of medium size or 1 cup of grapes, or 1cup of carrots, bell peppers or broccoli etc.

  • Avoid The Intake of Soft Drinks In Children:

    Soft drinks carry a lot of calories in them. So it is advisable to avoid them as much as you can in children. Rather cultivate the habit of juices, shakes prepared from fruits at home. These are both healthy and tasty and will carry fewer calories in them.

  • Serve In Small Portions 2-3 Times In a Day:

    The best way to keep calorie in control is to eat small portions at one time. So it is advisable to cultivate the habit of eating in small quantity but in more numbers in a day. This will help in reducing the calorie intake. Moreover the extra calorie taken in any meal will also be exhausted by the time the next meal is taken in.

  • Help Your Kids To Stay Active:

    Regular physical activity is very important your children and kids. It helps in strengthening the bones, reducing anxiety and stress, decreasing blood pressure and maintaining the body weight. So it is advisable to cultivate the habit of regular physical exercise in your children. This can include anything like jumping rope, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, playing soccer etc. Any activity which helps in burning out the calories of the body is helpful.

  • Reduce Sedentary Time: Encourage your child for outdoor activities more rather than sit back at home and watching television or playing video games. This is because outdoor activity will encourage calorie loss while sedentary activity will enhance calories deposition.

  • Make Your Child Aware Of Obesity And Its Ill Effects:

    It is necessary that you make your child aware of the outcome of obesity. This will help in understanding your intention of concentrating on healthy lifestyle. He must understand why you are emphasizing on healthy food and asking him to avoid the things which are tasty to eat but carry calories in high amount.

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